Adobe Stock – The Hovering Art Director
Role:- Concept / Art Direction

Adobe approached us for a global campaign to raise awareness for their stock offering. We decided to amplify one of the core benefits of Adobe Stock – their super speedy integrated workflow (no more switching between browser and photoshop) with a cliche that we all know, if only a little too well.

Introducing The Hovering Art Director. They will have you changing the visual all over the place, until maybe, just maybe, they’re happy that they’ve pushed every last pixel to make the idea come to life. Thankfully Adobe integrated stock in Adobe Creative Cloud so you can keep up with your hovering art director.

There's more updates to come but for now please enjoy our short film where we follow our hovering art director and designer as they tackle their latest brief: create an epic, yet modest ginger advert for infamous imaginary ginger beer brand “WolfBear”.

Adobe Stock – The Hovering Art Director – Main Film

Black not grey.

Sunrise not sunset.

Ginger beard.