Porsche Marriage

Porsche launched Share a Porsche, a service whereby groups of 2-4 can share a Porsche. To create some buzz around the new service, we came up with Porsche Marriage, an interactive online campaign that asked people to make the ultimate commitment – getting married with their friends – and in doing so bag the ultimate wedding gift – a Porsche 911.

Over 2000 friends accepted the challenge, signing a prenuptial agreement and changing their marital status on Facebook. In the end there could only be 4 winners. Who went to Kinnaur, India – the only place where group marriage is possible – to make it official and ride off into the sunset in a brand new Porsche.

Role: Design & Art Direction
Creative: Julio Álvarez Pineda & Cesar Garcia
Creative Direction: Daniel Sytsma

Seeding Film (non–interactive version)

Case Film

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